Blaine Hogan and fix-the-sky

Two excellent examples for what your blogs could be like as well…



4 thoughts on “Blaine Hogan and fix-the-sky

    1. I recently started a tumblr. page to display the output of the virtual (cottage) fashion industry of my avatars in Second Life:
      And, as one does, I started to look at tumble blogs in the art category where yours is also posted. So, I immediately started to “follow” you, as I did with various other really wonderful blogs that I found there. So, you now have one more tumblr. stalker…
      More to the point: How on earth did you manage to find us? I mean, we’ve only been around for a couple of weeks you know… Or does tumblr. notify you when someone links to you like blogger and wordpress do?

      1. I was looking through my google analytics to see where people were coming from and there were a few hits from your site. I just decided to check it out. So you are from Turkey?

  1. Yes indeed, I am.

    As are all the other contributors of this blog. That is one of us is Italian, but he too lives in Istanbul, where we are all located. We teach a hybrid class between computer science and art & design and I am one of the instructors who comes from the art/design side of the fence.

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