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3 thoughts on “DATAFLUX 0.1

  1. well…
    it surely looks beautiful but what is the data and what is the flux?
    i tried to look for further information but I could just find but it was a dead link somehow…

    do you have some more info about this project?

    1. Just that it not only “looks” but also “moves/behaves” beautifully Emrah – which I find very important attributes in this type of work. Somehow, in the end, very few kinetic installations manage to do so.

      But you are right in that the name Dataflux does seem to have been pulled out of thin air and I am not sure that the project is about Data or Flux in the sense that we use those terms. Maybe you can email the person or post a comment on vimeo?

  2. there is some truth to this. i was given the space only moments after I had to name the work and it wasnt even installed. So all i knew was that it was going to be using programming, hence the movement of data and numbers..

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