Art, Politics and Visualizations

Can art visualization bring death?

The process of visualization is not limited and restricted to the simplistic idea that data have no consequence. Even less so that data manipulations are not art. The process of visualization is a knowledge based process that is contextualized in the reality of contemporary society, in the personal limitations, aspirations and emotions of both the author and the user. More  importantly it is a symbolic representation of life and death that can go beyond the mere technological issues and reach philosophical, aesthetic and metaphysical questions. Therefore becoming art.

Who said that visualization is not art? Or that it does not have any relation to contemporary politics and social issues? And if it could be accepted as art, what then happens to the person who discovers the reality of human condition?

The case of Mark Lombardi is a story of visualization processes,  visions, revelations and legal entanglements, as well of life and death, that reveals a small insight in the strange undercurrents of contemporary times. And that for me is art.

Exhibition at the University Art Museum of University at Albany
Exhibition at the University Art Museum of University at Albany

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