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This might be a bit nerdy BUT for those who are willing to create their works on computers in future, it is totally related to their capabilities to express their ideas… Those who are already involved with computer graphics, I guess they should know what is going on in recent tech news. If you already know about openCL, than it’s great.

Shortly, openCL is the new member of “open” family – which are openGL (open graphics library) and openAL (open audio library). OpenCL stands for “open computing language) and is a platform that opens the boundaries between different processors (cpu, gpu, whatever you have..) and lets you program across heterogeneous systems. Basically, in a down to earth manner, the program written in this platform can use all the available processors to do a single/multiple job/s (simulation, calculations, etc…) on win, linux, mac os, mobile os’, etc… in real time.

If this isn’t interesting, I should remind you that normally anything related to graphics is processed on GPU and you can’t use its processing power for other purposes (although there are ways to do it- which are complex and limited on current tech).

These demonstrations are done using openCL platform by Havok.


A quote from openCL site

OpenCL is being created by the Khronos Group with the participation of many industry-leading companies and institutions including 3DLABS, Activision Blizzard, AMD, Apple, ARM, Barco, Broadcom, Codeplay, Electronic Arts, Ericsson, Freescale, HI, IBM, Intel, Imagination Technologies, Kestrel Institute, Motorola, Movidia, Nokia, NVIDIA, QNX, RapidMind, Samsung, Seaweed, Takumi, Texas Instruments and Umeå University.

Which means it will be used very very widely.

get more info about openCL

get wiki info about openCL

just to keep everyone up to date…

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