Bálint Bolygó’s Trace

well, who needs a computer if it’s mechanical.. of course, i don’t know how balint made the calculations to build this machine (computer, on paper, ?)  but it’s an amazing idea. i didn’t think of posting this because of its non-computational nature but anyway, here it is.

needless to say. cool. check out balint’s portfolio too!

quoted from balint’s page:

Trace is a sculptural device that alludes to scientific discoveries and pseudoscientific concepts such as phrenology, physiognomy, and craniometry. A revolving plaster cast of the artist’s head is slowly deconstructed into a mathematical diagram that changes as time passes. The peculiarities of the human face that as humans, we attach so much importance to, is dematerialised into a changing drawing that embodies the differential undulations of the human anatomy. ‘Trace’ questions our notion of self and how through technology we have found different visual representations for the individual. DNA profiling, retina scans and the fingerprint are all things that are conjured up by the meticulous mechanical process of the work. The topographical images are turned into a new form of three-dimensional representation that draws our attention to the ‘space within’.


2 thoughts on “Bálint Bolygó’s Trace

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve just came across your blog. Thank you for your interest and posting about my work.
    Also thank you for recommending my website. Could you please redirect the link to http://www.balintbolygo.com (The one you used was just a temporary one.)

    Many thanks, Balint

  2. Hi Balint

    You’re welcome! Your works are pretty fascinating, it’s just natural to share it with everyone!
    I’ve made the change for the link.


    ps: when you click on “more” under ‘current exhibition’ , you get many errors. You might want to check it out.

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