This blog is part of a university course in Arts and Computing coded as CS450, which is taught at Sabanci University, Turkey; where undergraduate as well as graduate students from the disciplines of Computer Science and Art & Design are asked to form teams comprised of one from each discipline to work on a collaborative project, conceived and implemented by both parties.

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  1. Hi
    I am a 2nd year fashion student and just found your website during my research and it is just full of amazing inspirations. As I was reading about the blog, I saw that its a part of course in Turkey. Thus, I wanted let you know about an upcoming Central Saint Martins graduateTurkish fashion designer who is based in London, Erdem Kiziltoprak. You might be interested in his work as he also did collaborations with Jorge Ayala, the founder of AA Building Fashion which you also posted about it. Erdem did an amazing degree exhibition where he used real bacteria, shape memory alloys(Fabricated 3D pleated fabrics with alloys) and hand made bendable porcelain pieces to create contemporary jewellery for men as a second skin. You can find his work at http://www.erdemkiziltoprak.com

    1. Hi Christina

      Thank you for you kind words. I hope the blog (and the course) will keep being useful and inspirational for you and your studies.
      This sounds pretty fascinating! I (probably we) will check his works as soon as possible – looks like it’s a flash one, can’t access it with my dear device.

      kind regards

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