digital compositing & visual storytelling seminars in Sabanci Unv.

Dr. Akleman is a computer graphics researcher who made significant contributions to shape modeling and computer aided sculpting. Based on his theoretical work on topological modeling, high genus manifold shapes can easily be constructed using a Topological Modeler called TopMod3D. He also had a significant body of work in subdivision modeling and implicit modeling. His preliminary work on links, knots and weaving called “Plain-Woven Objects” will be presented in Siggraph 2009.

Dr. Akleman is also a professional cartoonist, illustrator and caricaturist who has published more than 500 cartoons, illustrations and caricatures in publications such as Girgir, Cumhuriyet, Milliyet and Yeni Gundem. Dr. Akleman is working in Visualization department at Texas A&M University, which is unique in the sense that it is designed to prepare students who are talented both science and art for a range of long-term careers in visualization. Among 150 former students more than 100 are currently working in animation and special effect industry including PIXAR (20), ILM(10), Dreamworks (10) and Electronic Arts (7). Blue Sky (6), Rhythm and Hues (6), Will Wilton (6).

In Sabanci University, Dr. Akleman will give two seminars based on his courses in Visualization department.(28 April – 14 May) The courses do not have any requirement.

In Digital Compositing seminar, participants will learn practical image based lighting, rendering and compositing techniques which are essential for combining real photographs with computer generated images. Participants will learn to practically identify critical information from real images such as position and orientation of the camera, camera parameters, orientations and positions of real objects and lights, surface properties of the objects and properties of lights.

In Visual Storytelling seminar, participants will learn to explore of visual storytelling techniques for the attainment of desired storytelling effects; includes character development, using shots, camera, lights, props and background elements, master plots, one and multi-panel cartoons, comics, storyboards, animatics and story-reels.

Timeline / Location FENS L055
28 April Digital Compositing I 17:40- 19:30
30 April Visual Storytelling I 17:40- 19:30

5 May  Digital Compositing II 17:40- 19:30
7 May Visual Storytelling II 17:40- 19:30

12 May  Digital Compositing III 17:40- 19:30
14 May Visual Storytelling III 17:40- 19:30

(many thanks to Tolga Eren for the news and the text)


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