Groups for Spring 2010

1- Hakan, Naz
2- Tugce-Emre
3- Onur-Bulut
4- Umur-Yaman-Aybek
5- Can-Tahir
6- Yagmur-Deniz
7- Hande-Kaan
8- Sinan-Alp

Go get’em people!


Good groups to join/look at on Flickr

I think you can (and should) join and contribute to these pools, provided that you do not give out your blog addresses or too much information related to whatever it is you are posting. Of course, there are many many more pools that are of potential interest to you on Flickr, also many on graphic design and typography, as well as really cool photography groups. So, you really should conduct a good search amongst Flickr groups in the areas which are of interest to you. Here is some of what I found which may relate to our area of work:

Cool Data Visualization Techniques – Information Visualization

Hard Drive Visualization



Diagram Diaries

Info Graphics

visual information

Create Digital Motion

The Art of Science

Generative Visuals

reactive environments


Flickr group for CS450
Photos put into a pool do not get deleted even after the 200 limit of a free flickr account has been passed. So, I have created a group for us in order to keep all photos which you upload to flickr safe.

This is by invitation only. Please everyone, get your flickr accounts sorted out, and send me the url of your flickr homepage right away. Instructors and assistants will be admins of course, so it is especially important that you guys do it before everyone else. Murat already has a flickr, so I have invited him last night. If Selim, Lanfranco and Emrah can also do so today this will be great…

Which does not mean that students wait to do so until the instructors are done!!! Everyone does it by the weekend!
grrrrrrrrrrrr ;-)

until 27.02.09


Everyone should have their wordpress blog site with their own name (ex:

goto to do so.

send an email to emrah to confirm that you created your blog, so that he can add a list in this blog.

check this blog regularly for further notifications.

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