Sonification of Tohoku Earthquake / Sendai Coast, Japan, 2011/03/11

In this video you see the visualised seismic signal of registrations from three seismic stations in Japan (Matsushiro, MAJO, Erimo, ERM) and Russia (Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, YSS) before, during and after the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. The flashes on the map correlate the signal magnitude at the three stations.

At the same time you can listen to the sonified seismic signal, made audible by an acceleration of factor 1440. This so called audification of the earth’s activity turns the ground motion of two days into an audio track of 120 sec.

The facilities of the IRIS Data Management System, and specifically the IRIS Data Management Center, were used for access to waveform and metadata required in this study. For the data sonification we used Sonifyer, a software tool developed at Bern University of the Arts (CH).



This is in French, so sadly one cannot follow the non-linear storyline, unless one speaks the language, which I do not. However, still well worth checking out, even if you are like me… ;-)

aux2mondes is an internet audio work consisting of women’s commentaries that are non-narratively linked in order to create a story based upon the user’s interest and intuition. The project aux2mondes concerns representation but before all “human linkage”. Interviews and soundscape are linked with keywords and the interface traces their progress. This approach–like sound itself–resists the voyeurism inherent in representation and returns the user to her or his own self-interest. To interact with the graph you can just click on a node which then repositions itself in the center. Click once more on that node to listen to the interviews and soundscape.

Screenshots of the Java application

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