Inspirations: Edward Tufte

I think we, the instructors and assistants of CS450, should post material which we find to be inspirational on this blog. This way we will also be able to start accumulating a repository of information, which will be valuable quite in and of itself, I think. This could be a standalone application, an artwork, a webpage or anything else that takes your fancy, that you find to be relevant to the field of art and technology. Something you would like to share with our students in short…

So, I will get the ball rolling right here and now:

I find Edward Tufte, the renowned author of the book Envisioning Information, who seems to be a true hybrid personality between the arts and the sciences, truly inspirational. So, check out his sculptures:


Airspaces (Original location of photo and related explanatory text by Tufte is here)


Larkin’s Twig (Original location of photo and related explanatory text by Tufte is here)


Negative Space Studies (Original location of the photo and explanatory text by Tufte is here)

Beyond showing us his work and giving us information on his research activities Tufte has a wonderful page of discussions related to art and science, where you can find a wealth of information and resources, links etc related to our work.


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