Fyre is a software for producing computational images based on histograms of iterated chaotic functions. Although there are quite a few of these visualization tools based upon fractals out there, the output below leads me to think that the developers seem to have achieved considerable success in creating high quality renders at large image sizes, which is something not so commonly found.




Gero Wortmann

Gero Wortmann’s stunning Flickr feed and hopefully a website coming soon as well.

Fractal Explorations

Generative investigations for architecture (above and middle) and 3D typographic deconstruction (below)

These types of formal investigations based upon emergent systems and Fractals are not all that uncommon of course. However, Mr. Wortmann’s output is no less noteworthy for that reason. There is a visual refinement and a grasp of design principles, such as harmony, balance, color, contrast and motion/directional axes in his work, which I think truly sets it apart from the fray.

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